About Us

Scale Gas is a new company that joints together expertise, reliability and innovation to become a valuable partner in the LNG small scale market.

The company

Founded in 2017, Scale Gas develops and manages LNG small scale infrastructures.


With the support of Enagás, a midstream company with more than 45 years of experience in LNG, Scale Gas is a spin-off company that offers integrated solutions in the downstream LNG market, scaling the parent company’s acknowledged expertise. Our structure combine the strength, the resources and the know-how of a standard bearer company, with the all the flexibility and agility of lean philosophy.


We invest, build, operate and maintain small scale LNG infrastructures along the logistic chain that two new and promising markets require to develop:


  • The use of natural gas as a fuel in transportation sector: maritime and road sectors.
  • The supply of natural gas to remote areas by mean of handling small volumes of LNG.


More than an infrastructure manager, Scale Gas is your infrastructure specialized partner in LNG.


To develop and manage small scale natural gas infrastructures, being a reliable and valuable partner in the deployment of the logistic chain required for the supply of new uses of natural gas (as a transportation sector fuel) and the handling of LNG in small volumes, in a secure, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.


To be an international standard bearer in the development and management of small scale natural gas infrastructures, promoting the use of a down-to-earth alternative fuel and contributing to the decarbonization process in the Enagás Group.


Our principles and values emanate from the core of our parent company, the Enagás Group. The agile structure of Scale Gas, is best suited for a highly responsive to customers, a high efficiency and a different point of view of the small scale LNG market.




















Molecula GNL

LNG, a down-to-earth alternative fuel


Natural gas consists of a mixture of light hydrocarbons, mainly containing methane, the simplest hydrocarbon molecule that is formed by an atom of carbon and four of hydrogen.


LNG stands for Liquefied Natural Gas, and consists of natural gas that is cooled down up to a temperature that convert it to a liquid.


Biomethane is a renewable natural gas produced from different sources (solid urban waste, agricultural, etc.). Since it is mainly composed by methane, it is perfectly interchangeable with natural gas and liquified also.


Natural gas could be used for cooking and heating (traditional uses), but also as a fuel in transportation sector (maritime and road). The use of natural gas offers different advantages:


  Lower greenhouse gas emissions.


  Almost reduction of pollutants